XFrom 2021 to 2027, these changes in the LED lighting market deserve attention


    In 2022, the LED lighting industry has ushered in a new beginning. So, what is the overall situation of LED lighting market in 2021? Which led lighting fields deserve attention in 2022? Three sets of data, take you closer!

    China light industry network announced on February 17 that from January to December 2021, the operating revenue of lighting appliance manufacturing industry increased by 13.23% year-on-year. Among them, the electric light source manufacturing industry increased by 9.18% year-on-year, and the lighting lamp manufacturing industry increased by 13.11% year-on-year.图片

$4.5 billion
    On February 17, according to the latest research of trendforce, micro led large-size display will move towards home theater and high-end commercial display market. It is expected that the revenue of micro led large-size display chip will reach US $54 million in 2022. By 2026, revenue is expected to grow to $4.5 billion, with a CAGR of 204%.

150 billion yuan
    Recently, the prospective industry research institute said that with the gradual easing of the domestic epidemic, China's nighttime economy is expected to usher in a new upsurge during the 14th Five Year Plan period. Good landscape lighting can effectively stimulate the culture and tourism industry and night economy. Driven by the development of night economy, the demand of landscape lighting market will recover rapidly. The output value of China's landscape lighting industry is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan in 2027, with an annual compound growth rate of about 12%.


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